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Growing Tendencies Of The Mobile Phone Industry

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Even free mobile video games through the game on to the web sites give its user. Choose from the options within the AppCenter, reminiscent of “Free Apps” or “Video games” by clicking on the suitable choice in the AppCenter menu. Most of the popular apps are on each platforms, but many prime games and apps still come to Android first. They can continue with what they’re doing whereas specializing in the adverts throughout a certain time interval. This implies that GreatCall purchases time on different carrier’s towers. You don’t want to speculate all your time accusing him of dishonest on you. Alerts symbolize the one space the place Android is much more friendly and usable than iOS, and that is unlikely to change any time quickly except Apple does a more drastic redesign on the user interface of its home screen. Each engaged in APT-3 workout routines and Lumosity video games for half-hour, 5 days/week, more than 4 weeks for every system. With more than sixty five lakhs gamers, Ace2Three is the first choice for the rummy lovers.

They usually really feel restricted when a game expects them to maneuver on inside a certain time, as that doesn’t allow them to look round at their own pace. This puzzle sport brought within the marketplace has such developers in Plymouth. To conclude, the explanation why it is very important gamify a cellular app is that it makes the users&146; tasks really feel like video games. The one motive why mobile gambling wasn’t well-liked a number of years ago was because the know-how did not exist. If mother and father had been apprehensive about youngsters going by adult sites and moving into undesirable areas, the fears had been justified a few years ago when internet was very new to everybody. Nokia 6790 Surge, Nokia 5730 XpressMusic and Nokia 6730 basic are few of the latest Nokia Telephones launched this year. Typing because typing can be a hassle on a contact video display or tiny keyboard discover motor are drawing shut up with some means to get all through this.

Bjorn Jawerth, shared with me now, during a coffee break or ready to get one of the best mode of passing the leisure instances in gross sales. Now, you possibly can do this by your gentle weight camera handset additionally. The handset itself measures 122.4x 64.2x eleven mm, so it is certainly slimline and lightweight at simply 138.2 g. It seems to be set to be a well-liked handset thanks to the inclusion of options resembling a powerful touch display screen, Wi-Fi Internet entry and a stunning 12 mega pixel digital digicam. One of the C3&146;s options is a two mega pixel digital digital camera. Relaxation and leisure is one of the wants of our physique these video games present us the perfect surroundings the place one can refresh their mind and escape from the hardships of life. When you need to utterly substitute your phone with a new one, as a substitute of throwing the outdated one away, and letting it pollute the setting, you possibly can simply give it to the restore centre. Although the reputed brands have by no means allow you to down earlier, the incident of the cell phone has shocked more information you.

Alishia Maben is associated with Greatest Cell phone Deals and Write Articles for Mobile phones. Good phones let you text, make calls, obtain emails and you can even entertain your self. Even if she deletes all of her textual content messages as she more than likely does you’ll nonetheless be in a position to see these deleted messages because they are instantly recorded by telephone surveillance teachnology software program program. On-line casinos are vying to grab the attention of players and adding on to their list of happy shoppers. Most of the top online casinos have designed games that can be played in Apple, Android and BlackBerry gadgets. If you have a clever phone like a Blackberry or a Symbian your cell phone already has plenty of applications on them. The collaboration between Sony and Ericsson corporations started in October 2001 and represented a very powerful junction on the cell phone market. In consequence mobile phone giants, resembling Sony Ericsson, are exploiting demand with the imminent launch of the W800i, a sophisticated flashing lights

Growing Herbs Like Basil In Your Square Foot Garden Is Easy

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Growing Herbs Like Basil In Your Square Foot Garden Is Easy

If you haven’t picked-up a copy of Mel Bartholomew’s book entitled All New Square Foot Gardening you really shouldn’t delay because in it you will find a wealth of information about growing herbs.

Culinary herbs like basil, grown with your tomatoes along with cilantro, mint, and oregano are a special treat. And edible herbs such as marigolds and nasturtiums that not only add zing to your salads, but that also keep the bad bugs from getting to munch on your fresh herbs and veggies before you do, is fun too. There are many varieties to choose from for your square foot garden, but basil is especially good.

Growing basil in your square foot garden is an excellent way to have a kitchen garden right outside your back door. Herbs like basil mixed with fresh vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, leeks, and beets are easy to do with Mel Bartholomew’s method of square foot gardening.

Basil, particularly ‘Sweet Genovese’, is the best for Italian pesto, but be sure and experiment with basil flavors like cinnamon, licorice, and lemon which are also good in many dishes.

Want to have basil all summer? Six plants of “Sweet Genovese’ basil will yield enough leaves to make pesto all summer long without being overwhelmed. Of course, it’s easy to freeze any variety of basil if you need to.

Another variety to try, especially if you are fond of Asian cuisine, is ‘Siam Queen’. It is a spicy Thai basil with and intense flavor and fragrance all it’s own. ‘Holy Basil’ , introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century as a culinary and medicinal herb, is another good choice. Even try lemon basil in a sauce for your fish&21374;ery yummy!

You’ll find many varieties of basil seeds available at garden centers starting in February. You’ll find even more varieties, like the ones mentioned above, online from seed companies.

Some seed companies, like Pinetree Seeds, cater to square foot gardeners by offering smaller number of seeds per packet. This is handy since you aren’t planting long rows with this method, you obviously don’t need so many seeds.

Growing and Caring for Basil

There are two ways to grow basil. The first way is to start seeds inside 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost date, or choose to start them outside well after all danger of frost has passed and the soil is warm.

The second way to grow basil is by purchasing transplants (plants ready to set out) from your local garden center which are usually sold in 4 inch pots.

Be very careful not to put out your basil too soon. One good rule of thumb for when to plant is that if you need a sweater outside, it’s too cold for btd battles cheats basil. To give your plants the best chance to flourish, plant them outside after all chances of frost are gone and it’s nice and warm.

One of the benefits of square foot gardening is that you can put plastic over your raised bed to warm the soil up. If you get surprised by a cold snap after the frost-free date, as we did a few years ago, simply pace a glass cloche or greenhouse hoop over your bed for protection.

If your planter is light enough, you may even bring inside on frosty nights.

When planting basil in your square foot garden, it’s a good idea to plant it next to your tomatoes to help them grow stronger and more flavorful. It also can repel fruit flies and keep pesky green flies away from your picnic when used as an arrangement in a glass of water.

Plant basil one per square foot if you don’t plan on harvesting very often. Plant two per square foot if you do plan on harvesting often to use fresh, dried (least desirable), or frozen.

During the growing season pinch off flower buds to save the plant’s energy for leaf growth. Pinch stems just above the leaf nodes where new stems will sprout.

Harvest basil anytime and use only the leaves for cooking. Stems may be placed in the compost pile.

Create your own kitchen garden on your deck or anywhere next to your house for easy access and to make growing herbs that much easier. You will quickly see that growing herbs, especially basil, is easy to do using Mel’s method of square foot gardening. One tip is to build your bed with 8 or 10 inch boards, rather than the recommended 6, just to give your roots a little more space and to decrease the amount of watering.

Guide To Choosing The Best Lawn Mower

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Guide To Choosing The Best Lawn Mower

These are one of the commonest types of lawn mower and they come with three main types of power source petrol, electric and battery. Petrol cylinder mowers are the most powerful and they are free from electric cords. Electric cylinder lawn mowers are better suited to smaller lawns. Battery cylinder lawn mowers are suitable only for very small lawns. They also cut tough weeds and grasses better than a cylinder mower which tends to just flatten them.

Hover mowers are rotary mowers that literally hover over the surface of the grass. Generally without wheels, some models do now have rear wheels to make it easier to move them into position prior to use. However, as most models need to be carried, this has led to their lightweight design. The handle folds so the machine can be hung from a shed or garage wall making them extremely space efficient too.

A lawnmower with a wide cutting range (eg from 1270mm) is useful if you have to cut more tanki online hacked than one lawn of different qualities, or different heights at different times of year. If you want to cut a fine ornamental (bowling green) lawn look for a minimum cut of close to 12mm.

A single height adjuster is easier than adjusting each wheel in turn. With the cheapest lawnmowers you have to remove and replace each wheel, or in the case of hover mowers remove the blade and add or remove spacers, which is fine if you rarely change the cutting height.

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The size of your lawn is important when deciding whether to buy a petrol or electric mower. Generally electric mowers are great for smaller lawns. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, they are easy to handle and the electric cable should not cause any difficulties.

If you have a medium size lawn an electric mower is still a good choice but you might prefer a smaller petrol mower. There won’t be a trailing cable to worry about and it will provide the extra power to give great performance but still be light and easy to handle.

A large lawn will mean you want to get the job of mowing over as quickly as possible. Therefore go for a more powerful petrol mower because it will cope very efficiently with a large expanse of grass without overheating and without the danger of a trailing electric cable.

Bigger petrol mowers come with other time saving features such as wider grass cutting blades and bigger grass collection boxes and many are selfpropelled which is a big help when you have a big area to mow.

Guatemala And Enforcement Of Foreign Judgements

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Guatemala and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

Executive Summary ?What we are going to discuss here is whether or not a creditor can come to Guatemala with a judgment from a foreign (Non Guatemala) court and enforce it or make it collectible in Guatemala. We will look at the complications involved and the chances of success which are miniscule at best. I would like to point out that this is a topic not covered by our competition. There are collection law firms that discuss international judgement collection but they are trying to sell their services. In spite of this I have never seen one collection law firm getting enthusiastic about collecting foreign judgements. It is best done through a treaty which Guatemala does not have with any country. We will discuss the matter in depth below.
What is a Judgement ?A judgement is a decision from a court based on a trial or it could be based on a summary judgment where there was not trial held because the odds of success for the defendant were so small the court just goes ahead and railroads him. Sometimes this happens because the defendant can not afford a legal defense. This is prevalent in the USA. In this discourse we are addressing judgments for money damages. A judgement can have other aspects to it like an eviction proceeding ordering one to leave a house. It does not matter if it is a local court or a national court for this discourse. This is because Guatemala has no treaties for enforcement of foreign judgments but more on this later. The court would need to be contained in a country that Guatemala has diplomatic relations with. Guatemala also insists that the country of the judgement allows Guatemala judgements to be enforced in that country.
What is Not a Judgement ?A tax lien is not a judgment. Tax liens can come from local or national governments. There is normally no trial preceding a tax lien. There was no judge, no jury, no due process, no right to defend yourself, no attorney present for the defendant, no right to examine your accuser, no chance of jury nullification, etc. This is a government administrative procedure that is not enforceable offshore in other countries. A tax lien would need to be reduced to a judgement by filing a lawsuit in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in the home country. It would be like any other lawsuit. The defendant would have the right to present a defense and have a jury trail. Such a judgement would also then be dischargeable in an ordinary bankruptcy case. Tax liens are practically never converted into a judgement for these reasons and of course the expense involved, time delay to go to trail and so forth.
Guatemala Has No Treaty for the Enforcement of Foreign Judgements ?It is good that Guatemala has no such treaty. If a treaty like this was present the process of collecting a foreign judgment would be simplified. The judgment itself would be sufficient evidence to proceed with collection. With Guatemala, foreign judgements are anything but a cost effective easy thing to collect on.
Guatemala Corporations and Foreign Judgements ?Before we get into the ins and outs of the nightmares associated with collecting foreign judgments in Guatemala lets look at the initial problem a judgment creditor would face. We always have our clients use corporations for asset protection. This applies to banking, real estate, cars etc. We prefer to start with fresh corporations formed in the jurisdiction as long as they are anonymous bearer share corporations. Guatemala has very anonymous bearer share corporations. The names of the owners of the corporation do not appear in any public registry, database and the government does not know who owns the corporation. In places like the USA where the legal system has run amuck you will hear a lot of talk concerning piercing the corporate veil. This piercing the corporate veil tactic is nasty and effective in the USA. Try it in Guatemala and you will fail and have one angry judge to deal with who will be less than appreciative of your attempts to import sleazy legal tactics from the USA into his or her courtroom. The corporate veil is not going to be pierced for foreign cvil judgement collection matters. So how does the creditor attack real estate or a bank account owned by a corporation in Guatemala? He doesn’t! You are the owner of the corporation but he does not know that and cannot prove that. Ownership of Guatemala corporations is not in any public registry or database. Going to court and saying well the judgment debtor wired funds from his home country bank account to a bank account owned by this corporation, is not going to prove a single thing in Guatemala regarding corporate ownership. The judgment debtor may have invested in this corporation, he may have bought real estate from this corporation or bought a boat, a plane a car, etc. It does not prove any ownership. The judgement creditor is not going to be able to get into any Guatemala banking records using a foreign judgment as grounds. Guatemala has serious bank secrecy. You must understand that in Guatemala a corporation is a free standing judicial person (artificial person) that tanki online hacked has its own assets and liabilities. Your liabilities are not the liabilities of the corporation. This means personal debts do not transfer over to a corporation.
Fraudulent Conveyance ?The catchall used to attack offshore bank accounts is fraudulent conveyance. A fraudulent conveyance references activity where funds or assets were removed from a jurisdiction to prevent a creditor from recovering the debt. The term can also apply to transferring title of real estate or a car to another to keep it from being attached by a creditor. Panama allows a creditor to pursue a fraudulent conveyance action based on a foreign judgment and this even applies to their foundations. As a comparison Guatemala is not a fraudulent conveyance friendly jurisdiction. Such cases are seldom ever heard of in Guatemala because the chances of success are extremely slight. The plaintiff would need to show that the transfer was specifically designed or intended to remove the assets from the reach of the creditor. If the defendant could show this was not the case then there is no fraudulent conveyance. The money could have been moved to say a Guatemala corporation to pay for services, goods, make an investment, buy a residence, invest in real estate, buy a boat, and so forth. Please bear in mind that in Guatemala the creditor is in the dark. He cannot just subpoena bank records like in other countries. He has no idea who owns the corporation. There are a lot of just about insurmountable obstacles in the path the creditor has to follow. This is why we do not really see these cases in Guatemala.
Foreign Judgement Enforcement Complications in Guatemala ?There are a lot of conditions that need to be met to enforce a judgment in Guatemala from another country.
Default judgments are not enforceable in Guatemala. The defendant must have been served personally. This means a live process server gave them the legal papers. If the service was by mail, by courier, by publication it invalidates the entire lawsuit and judgement as far as Guatemala is concerned. Dropping the papers on the doorstep or taping them to the door is not going to work. This right off the top eliminates a large amount of judgements.
The judgment must be final in that there is no more room for appeals. This is usually going to mean a few months in most cases.
The court that issued the judgment has to have had proper jurisdiction over the matter. Frivolous cases filed in foreign jurisdictions with incorrect venue or authority are not going to be enforceable. The debtor can always argue that the jurisdiction or authority the court asserted is incorrect. This can then make it a triable issue of fact in the Guatemala courts. The defendant would try to get the plaintiff to retry the entire case in Guatemala if he could not find another way to dispose of the matter. To do this means two sets of lawyers for the plaintiff, one in Guatemala and one from the foreign country. Think big money. Remember that Guatemala has no treaties for the enforcement of foreign judgments. This opens up the playing field to counter attack the plaintiff attempting to collect the judgement. When there is a treaty the judgment itself stands as admissible evidence and the grounds for objecting are most limited.
There is no enforcement if no such claim would be possible under Guatemala law. Guatemala will refuse to enforce the foreign money judgment if the claim on which the foreign judgment is based could not have been brought in Guatemala. The foreign case has to be consistent with Guatemala law. Guatemala law is not as crazy as USA, UK law. If you were sued for sending out faxes that were unsolicited, this judgment would be void in Guatemala since they have no such law in Guatemala. Many USA lawsuits are for civil violations that are absent from Guatemala law and thus not enforceable in Guatemala. This means the foreign attorney will have to retain foreign counsel to review the case and see it is consistent with Guatemala law. Can be expensive. He may have to have the entire matter translated into Spanish by a certified translator at a cost of $10 to $15 a page. Some cases are hundreds of pages. Then the Guatemala lawyer has to read the case which means billable hours. He will ask questions to the foreign attorney so now we get into double billable hours. In any event to enter the judgment into the Guatemala court system in an effort to collect there would need to be a translation of the judgment into Spanish. Then when the debtor started making objections the entire case file would most likely need to be translated into Spanish.
If the judgment was for contempt of court it makes the judgment not valid in Guatemala. This sort of judgment would not be collectible in Guatemala.
The judgment has to not be for default. In other words if you failed to respond to a foreign court action and were in domicile in Guatemala and they got a summary judgment that would not be a valid judgment.
More Foreign Judgment Collection Obstacles in Guatemala ?The creditor wishing to collect on a foreign judgment in Guatemala is basically on a financial mission, to collect funds. His path is like walking through a minefield. He can hit a number of unexpected or hidden tactics presented by the debtor that will make a financial recovery very unlikely.
First, we have to look at the appeals process open to the defendant. These are the things a creditor will be advised to consider before proceeding with an expensive and time consuming foreign judgment matter in Guatemala. Please bear in mind the defendant (debtor) can appeal any negative decision from a lower court two ways. The defendant can appeal to the Supreme Court claiming the law was not followed correctly applying any of the above noted objections, or all of them. He can also claim procedures were not followed correctly. He can claim the case is not consistent with Guatemala law. He can attack the way he was served. There are many things he can do. He can even file a counter claim against the creditor. The other appeals option is to appeal to the special Constitutional Courts Guatemala has to just decide constitutional issues. How hard would it be to argue that the defendant had some constitutional rights violated in the process somewhere.
If all that fails after years of waiting for the process to work its way through the courts, then there is the bankruptcy option. Guatemala has a complex bankruptcy court system that could be utilized for shelter from creditors. Using these appellate processes is going to run up the bill for the plaintiff substantially. Without the appeals system, the time required for cases can run up to the 3-5 year mark easily. Then add in appeals. and the bankruptcy for even more years. The plaintiff could conceivably go broke or die of old age before the appeals process runs out. They might recover nothing especially if a bankruptcy is used. The plaintiff might never prevail. The expenses involved could be more than the amount of the judgment. By the time all the appeals are used, the time limit for the judgment may have expired (7-10 years usually) and then the case could be dismissed because the judgment is not longer valid, thus not enforceable. And on and on it goes. Such collection efforts are indeed rarely ever seen in Guatemala.
Summary ?If you have read this you are looking for a secure offshore asset protection jurisdiction and structure. We have several excellent options. Please bear in mind the perfect jurisdiction and structure does not exist. There is always going to be a give and take scenario. We have managed to isolate a few excellent options but there is no perfect solution that meets the needs of everyone. We do try though!


Gsm Modem Vs Ip Sms Connection Which One Is Better For Sending Sms From Pc

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GSM Modem vs IP SMS Connection: Which One Is Better for Sending SMS from PC?

This article is meant to be a brief summary on how you can connect your IT system to the mobile network for sending SMS, and you can learn which connection type is the best for this purpose. It will discuss the Internet based SMS connections and GSM modem/GSM phone based (wireless) connections. The included information help you design an efficient and well working SMS system.

When you would like to start to set up an SMS system in your IT environment, the first thing you need to consider is the volume of SMS messages you wish to send and receive in the system. Based on this information, you can choose the most suitable connection type. In case you plan to send/receive less than 15 000 SMS per day you can choose the GSM modem connectivity. In order to reach a higher SMS traffic, an Internet based SMS connection is recommended. You also need to employ an SMS gateway software (for example, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway) that will manage all your outgoing and incoming SMS message traffic.

Sending SMS with a GSM modem/GSM phone

In order to connect the SMS system to the mobile network wirelessly, you need a GSM modem or a GSM phone. This GSM device will be attached to the PC with a data cable. The SMS gateway will operate this phone and send/receive SMS messages wirelessly. The greatest advantage of this solution is that there is no need for any Internet connection so it can be set up easily and immediately.

Components of GSM modem connection:
– SIM Card ?You can obtain a SIM card from the selected mobile service provider, it will come with an SMS plan that determines the SMS costs. The SIM card needs to be placed into the GSM device and it will provide the telephone number for SMS messaging from PC.
– GSM Modem ?It is recommended to use a standard modem such as Sierra Wireless series.
– Data cable – Comes with the modem.
– Computer – Recommended: Intel P4 3Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500MB HDD, Windows OS.
– SMS gateway – such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

GSM modem vs GSM phone

As it was mentioned in the list, it is recommended to choose a standard GSM modem instead of a GSM phone. GSM modems are much more reliable than phones. GSM phones operate with a battery that can fail, and they cannot serve continuous SMS traffic for a long time. Furthermore, standard handsets can be used for sending messages; however, there is a good chance that their built in SMS client software will “eat” incoming delivery reports and incoming SMS and MMS messages, and these messages will never make it to the PC through the data cable. As opposed to this, GSM modems ensure seamless communication for a long term. tanki online hacked They also have an external antenna giving better signal strength and an external power supply that is not likely to fail. GSM phones are ideal for testing purposes.

Advantages of using a GSM modem/GSM phone connection over Internet connections:
1. It does not require Internet connection (no Internet outages, etc.)
2. GSM modem connection is cost efficient (you can find SMS plans with low or zero cost for SMS traffic)
3. It can be set up in a really short time. You can immediately start with downloading an SMS gateway software and attach a GSM phone to the PC.

Disadvantages of using a GSM modem/GSM phone connection:
1. GSM modem connection&25263; disadvantage derives from its capacity. It can serve up to 12 000 ?15 000 SMS messages daily. You can increase this number by connecting more than one GSM modems.
2. Sending SMS over GSM connection can also fail because of the overload of the GSM network. It is quite rare but it can occur for example, at New Year&25263; Eve when the SMS traffic reaches a critical level.
3. The mobile phone subscription on the SIM card might run out of money. If you use a prepaid SIM card, you will not be able to send SMS messages until you top up your balance.
4. GSM modem connection only allows to use fix sender address. It means that you cannot change the sender ID in case of outgoing messages, for example, to your company name, etc., but the phone number of your SIM card will be the sender address of your messages.

Sending SMS over the Internet (IP SMS)

We can call the Internet based SMS connection as IP SMS connections, as well. For example, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway uses a TCP/IP link to connect directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of a mobile network or an SMS service provider. In order to connect to the SMSC of the service provider, you need to sign a contract with the provider. Once it is done, you will get all information to get access to their services.
Please note that you need to select an operator or provider that supports an official SMS protocol (SMPP, UCP, CIMD2). The most popular IP SMS protocol is SMPP.

Advantages of using IP SMS connection:
1. It allows to reach really high speed. Internet SMS connections can serve up to 500 SMS messages per second.
2. No physical device is needed.
3. Problems with wireless links, such as low GSM signal strength will not affect your system
4. Flexible sender address assignment is possible. When you send out an SMS messages you can freely specify the sender phone number.

Disadvantages of IP SMS connection:
1. Sometimes, it is time-consuming to sign a contract with large providers to get access information.
2. It can be costly, especially if there are monthly fees at the selected provider.
3. It requires more time to setup than GSM modem connections. Often firewalls need to be opened and parameters need to be negotiated with the SMS service providers.

In case your business needs only a few SMS traffic at the beginning but later this volume needs to be increased, you can do the follows: first, you can configure a GSM modem connection in your SMS gateway. Later, if it is required, you can connect more GSM modems to the system to increase SMS traffic. When you plan to send and receive more than 15 000 messages daily, you can easily switch to IP SMS connection. Please note that when you estimate the SMS traffic, you need to consider the outgoing and incoming SMS message numbers together (SMS traffic=outgoing + incoming SMSs). With a flexible and powerful SMS gateway, such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you can configure more than connections simultaneously to build a reliable and cost-effective SMS system.

Keep in mind

Whatever your needs are, it is worth to spend some time on selecting the appropriate connection method. In all cases, a powerful SMS gateway is required to manage the connection. If you have Ozeki NG SMS Gateway installed you can check the “Add service provider” link on the Management console to find out more information.

Source: (The official website of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway)